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Meet Julie, a powerhouse empowerment coach for women and teens who is passionate about helping others live their most authentic lives. Julie instills confidence in her clients and empowers them to reach their goals.


Julie's journey to becoming a life coach wasn't always a smooth one. Thirty years ago, she was a very shy stay-at-home mom with a background in dental assisting and accounting. During that time, Julie joined a company “just for the discount”, but with the love, belief, and encouragement of mentors and coaches, she earned her first of 16 FREE cars - 8 of those 16 cars were Pink Cadillacs!


With a team of 600 ladies under her leadership, Julie earned rewards and prizes including diamond rings and all-expenses-paid luxurious trips all over the world. But she knew that school is never out for the pro, so she decided to enroll in a program to become a certified life coach and a health & wellness coach. This led her to create Jules4LifeCoaching, where she uses her experience and gifts to serve others.


Married to her supportive husband for 35 years, Julie is the proud mom of two grown children who inspire her every day.

She feels blessed to have coached women and teens for the last 30 years, training and supporting them to making healthy choices for themselves and their families.


Julie is a woman on a mission, with the vision and passion to support others in taking the handcuffs off their dreams. Together, she works with her clients to overcome limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and turn their fears into fuel. With a plan and a purpose, goals are crushed.


Julie is a certified leadership & empowerment coach, and speaker. Let her help you crush your goals and live your most authentic life!

I want to be YOUR support so that you can live your dreams out loud and crush your goals.

So, what is it that you dream about and aspire to do, even if only in your head? What would bring more fun and happiness into your life? What struggles and life stories are holding you back? I’d love to chat with you and hear your voice and story. What do you say? Let’s have a chat. Click here!

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