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My Story


Empowering you is both my job and my passion. Every moment that I spend encouraging women to be successful in their businesses and personal life makes my heart happy. Why? Because I’ve met too many women who don’t feel confident enough to live their most authentic lives.

I use to be that girl. When I was younger, I was extremely shy. Due to how I was raised, I had very little confidence and pretty much no self-esteem. I remember telling myself, “Only bad things happen to Julie.”

Sadly, when we lose our true voice, self-care and personal growth end up on the backburner. Setting goals and beginning to work through obstacles is hard when you are alone. However, you can achieve your goals and dreams. Sometimes, we just need a little support from others.



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I was given that support. It started out simple. I was invited to a party I didn’t want to go to—but I went. It was there that I made the choice to start working with a direct sales company, and my goal was only to “bring in a little bit of money to have fun.”

Surprisingly, the sisterhood and support from all of the powerful ladies alongside me helped me to step out of my comfort zone. They breathed life into me.  I’ve since become a successful director (have been for 28 years), and I have built up a great team beneath me.

Yea, yea… sounds great, right? Well, I eventually began feel like I wanted to help women on a grander scale. After much prayer and deliberation, I found that what I most desired was to become a life coach.  For many years prior, friends and family said that I would be a great life coach. I had been naturally coaching them throughout the years, and I didn’t even realize it!   

I want to be YOUR support so that you can live your dreams out loud and crush your goals.

So, what is it that you dream about and aspire to do, even if only in your head? What would bring more fun and happiness into your life? What struggles and life stories are holding you back? I’d love to chat with you and hear your voice and story. What do you say? Let’s have a chat. Click here!


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